A look at Palacios Depression-era letters to Santa

Palacios Beacon, 
December 18, 1930
Letters to Santa Claus
East Bay School – December 16, 1930
   Dear Santa Claus: 
   I know thirty-two little boys and girls who all want you to come and see them Christmas.
   Santa, they want me to tell you how good they have been. I think they have all been good this year and I hope you will bring them all something nice.
   Perhaps I could help you decide what to bring some of them.
   Elizabeth Glaros would love to have a baby doll and the lovely set of dishes in Muriel’s window, for her new doll.
   Joan wants a new rain coat.
   Charles always wants new books.
   Grace, Pearl, Arline Barrett, Arline Kinard, Lucile, Bernice Dorothy and Viola each want one of your sweetest dolls.
   Billie Joe Ballard wants big airguns, please.
   Jimmie Cunningham will be too disappointed if he doesn’t get an air gun, Santa, for that is all he wants.
   Billie Morton wants one of your largest tool chests.
   Orval wants a football, now don’t forget, a football.
   Gereldine wants a pink tam and sweater.
   Santa please remember what they all want. Read everyone of the letters they all wrote to you.
   They all send their love to you, Miss Sisson
   Dearest Santa: I have been as good as I can be and I hope you bring me something, too. I want a doll awful bad. I don’t care what else. Only I do want some candy, and I want some dishes to. My brother wants a gun. He is wanting to go hunting all of the time. My little brother wants a little bear. My big brother wants a book and some marbles too. A Merry Christmas to you and a Happy New Year.—Love, Grace Pearl Pierce

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