BCHS Robotics teams are ranked 1&3 in area

BCISD photo
Members of the Bay City High School Robotics program prepare their robot for competition at a recent meet in Palacios.

   The Bay City High School Robotics Teams have competed well this first semester. 
   They have placed at two meets in Palacios this year, with two BCHS teams earning top rankings. The BCHS team “Avenge-a-cats” is currently ranked first in the area, while the BCHS team “Decepticats” is ranked third. 
   The Avenge-a-cats are undefeated at this point in the competition season. 
   BCHS Robotics Team Director Michael Ashleman said, “The credit goes to both teams as the Decepticats have contributed substantial support to the Avenge-a-cats, and there is an element of luck in the drawing of opponents and allies in the contests.  
   The Decepticat team has had some tough draws, but are still in third despite it being uphill all the way.  
   They have had the Avenge-a-cats’ back and provided much of the tech support that allowed them to win against the Decepticats.”
   Robotics programs are a highly effective way to foster essential work skills like collaboration, problem solving and project management. 
    It does all this while keeping students so motivated and engaged that getting them to stop working and move on to the rest of the school day can be a challenge. 
   Educators are also using robots to give live demonstrations of math concepts. 
   Students can do the math in a book, they can graph it on a calculator, but when they’re building a robot, they’re really seeing what the math is.
   The robotics program at BCHS has students engaged in programming, building, researching, writing and collaborating. 
   Today’s digital age requires that we  teach students collaboration skills for the evolving 21st Century workplace. 
   The programming the students do is the same type of programming used to control unmanned aircraft such as drones.  
   Applications also include storage and warehouses, search and rescue, industrial accidents, police surveillance, bomb squads and more.
   BCHS Robotics Teams are for the Decepticats: Alexandra Chavez, Pablo Frausto, James Gay, Vaughn Gillermo, Matthew Hamilton, Zachary Hestand, Hannah Johnson, Justina Lashlee, Hunter Powell, Joslynn Sowa, and Tommy Valdez. Avenge-a-cats members are: Angel Buckley, Robert Bustos, Jessica Frasier, Michael McMahon, Brittany Miller, Orlando Moreno, Ricky Padron, Jordan Pesina, Carlos Reyes, Pedro Vargas Jr, Jonathon Zamora and Alberto Reyes. Coaches are Michael Ashleman and Brian Zuniga.

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