"God’s light is not the sun but that eternal glory of the Lord" by: Caleb Gibson

   While Joshua was leading the Israelites to the Promised Land, they became allies with the Gibeonites.  
   When five kings of the surrounding area discover this, they decide that they will attack the large city of Gibeon so in opposition to Israel.  
   Joshua is under a lot of pressure now. He now has to keep his word and fight for the Gibeonites in this battle.  
   They had marched and began to battle the army of the five kings, but the sun was setting and they were running out of time. 
   In football, halftime can be when momentum will shift to the other team.  
   A team can be leading in the game, but after halftime a shift can occur.  
   In a similar way Joshua wanted to keep fighting so that they would not have to lose the momentum and not allow the five kings to escape.  
   Here is a man who knew the strength of God. He saw victories in the battle of Aijalon and the walls of Jericho fall by only the sounds of trumpets voices.  
   Joshua spoke to the Lord then spoke out saying, “‘O sun, stand still at Gibeon, And O moon in the valley of Aijalon.’” 
   So the sun stood still, and the moon stopped,” (Joshua 10:12-13). What an amazing prayer! Because the sun stood still, Israel was victorious in this battle!  
   What took place? Light was shining when there was supposed to be darkness!  
   My friend, you are called to be a light to this world. Jesus once said, “You are the salt of the earth…You are the light of the world.” (Matthew 5:13-14). When Jesus said this, they had two main sources of light, candles and the sun.  
   You may not have your star placed on the Hollywood walk of fame or be the richest person to live, but I can guarantee you that if you stay close to God, you can make the sun stand still for someone in darkness. You matter! 
   Jim Collins the author of the book Good to Great says, “Greatness is not a function of circumstance. Greatness, it turns out, is largely a matter of conscious choice, and discipline.”  
   Joshua chose to believe the Lord. How will you respond when things get dark?  
   When Jesus was on the cross, the majority of disciples were in hiding, one had just committed suicide, and darkness was over the earth.  
   Things were really dim. Luke describes the scene, “Now it was about the sixth hour, and there was darkness over all the earth until the ninth hour.  
   “Then the sun was darkened, and the veil of the temple was torn in two. And when Jesus had cried out with a loud voice, He said, “Father, ‘into Your hands I commit My spirit.’”  
   Having said this, He breathed His last.” (Luke 23:44-47) (NKJV). That day was dark so that your day may be bright!  
   Thankfully on that great Sunday morning, the sun began to shine, and they realized that Jesus is alive.  
   Because of the cross, we now have a spiritual light that is always shining.  
   One day there will be physical light. The Apostle John gives a description of Heaven as it says, “There will be no more night. They will not need the light of a lamp or the light of the sun, for the Lord God will give them light. And they will reign for ever and ever.” (Revelation 22:5).  
   In Heaven, the sun stands still. Yet this light is not actually the sun, it is the glory of the Lord. 
   The sun refused to shine while Christ was on the Cross so that God’s light can shine on you today.  
   Despite Joshua’s decision to become allies with the Gibeonites, God still fought with Israel and a miracle took place. Despite what your situation is, know that right now God is with you.  
   The same God who created this Earth, parted the Red Sea, and caused the sun to stand still is the same one who gave His life for you.  
   You matter to God.

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