"It’s a new year and there are new chances to take " by: John Sample

   Well 2019 has at least gotten off to a good start in in no small amount due to the resurgence in the value of Amazon.  
   It is now the most valuable listed company surpassing Microsoft. I heard a CNBC analyst project the company would double in value from this level above $1,650.  I have no opinion on that but that any positive move along with the other FANG stocks will do nothing but help the market move north.  
   Along with that good news, it appears the Federal Reserve realizes that raising interest rates in the near future is unwarranted. Moreover, trade talks with China are progressing. You take all of this, along with the significant job growth gains announced last Friday, and the economy is not nearly on life support as some suggested. 
   While I tend to think that we have hit a bottom, it will take time to prove such.  
   It does my heart good, however, to continue to hear that not only have we had a correction but that it is actually a bear market and the recession is just around the corner.  
   Markets will not reverse course until almost everyone has given up hope.  
   It hasn’t hurt the bear’s case that Apple has had its value substantially cut. Apple was trading over $200 a share and is now around $145. Being a substantial part of the FANG gang, it has had a huge impact on the indexes. 
   To show you how quickly things can change, Netflix has in less than 10 days jumped significantly in value. I for one can’t make the numbers work but it is one of those equities like Amazon that just intrigues investors.  
   On the other side of the ledger is Facebook which never seems to get any good press these days. Compared to the news coming out on Apple on almost a daily basis, it does look better.  
   As always, it is just a matter of perspective or relativity.  I am further amazed that while Facebook gets taken to the woodshed over privacy, Amazon and Google seem to be left alone. It sort of seems like a matter of taste.  
   Never cross the line between business and politics as Facebook was alleged to do during the last Presidential election. 
   I would say this though, never forget that last January was great and then came February and the last quarter which washed away all the gains.  
   If you are a long-term trader and find value then none of this noise should bother you and it should actually peak your interest.  
   If you are a short-term trader, then all this volatility should be right in your wheel house.  
   That is the wonderful thing about the equities market, it has something for everyone. 

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