JSL initial 8 members set stage for group’s growth

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STP is a diamond-level sponsor for the JSL Charity Ball Feb. 2. Shown at the Boys & Girls Club of Bay City and Matagorda County - a JSL funding recipient - are: George Harrison, STP Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer; Christa Saha, JSL Ways & Means co-chairman; and Tim Powell, STP President and Chief Executive Officer.

   The Junior Service League represents a serious endeavor on the part of women to become active and constructive participants in the community. 
   It obligates each member to become an informed citizen, use her education and training to raise the community standards, to promote human welfare and to make efficient her volunteer service. 
   During the month of January, 1959, eight women gathered for the purpose of forming a type of service organization. 
   Thirty-two interested women were contacted to meet with representatives of the National Association of Junior Auxiliaries. 
   Enthusiasm from this meeting sparked the independent organization of the Junior Service League of Bay City, Inc. 
   There were 35 active members at the close of the year. 
   The regular meeting of the Junior Service League began on the first Thursday of March, 1959 and has continued through the years. 
   Membership in the Junior Service League has a threefold connotation: education, participation and obligation. 
   In 1963, the Caravan Hotel was transformed into an orange and gold desert for the first Charity Ball at which $3,700 was raised. 
   Today, the $60,000 mark can be reached thanks to the raffle ticket which was born in 1964 and the Silent Auction, born in 1992. 
   Our look has gone through some changes. 
   The first uniforms were red and white striped until an ice cream shop opened and dressed their employees in the same uniform. 
   The 70’s brought in red polyester, then polyester “went out” and red blazers, navy slacks or shirts and white blouses were introduced. 
   Today, a JSL monogrammed polo shirt in red or white is allowed with khaki slacks. 
   In its many years of existence, the Junior Service League has seen its membership grow form the original 32 to over 180 today. 
   In addition to monetary contributions, thousands of service hours have benefitted many different segments of our community.

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