Blessing Historical Tour leads to important sites

Blessing State Bank was designed by renowned architect, Jules Leffland who was also the architect for the Hotel. It was founded in 1907 and operated until 1932.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: There’s a historical tour of Blessing that highlights seven distinctive locations. 
   We’re sharing most of the tour brochure information in hopes of reaquainting folks with the community’s historical treasures.
    Blessing was founded in 1903 by Jonathan Edwards Pierce, the owner of Rancho Grande on the east side of the Tres Palacios River. 
   An earlier settlement in the area was located at Deming’s Bridge where Hawley Cemetery is located. 
   After Pierce spearheaded the extension of the railroad through the area, the Moore store from Deming’s Bridge was moved to Blessing to serve as the store and post office for the new town. 
   He petitioned the US Postal Service to name the town “Thank God” in gratitude for the arrival of the railroad, but after a rejection, he submitted the name Blessing, which was accepted. 
   The town was platted in 1907 and the sites for churches, a school, homes and businesses were provided. 
   Hotel Blessing was built to cater to travelers and landseekers. 
   On January 23, 1909, the first issue of the Blessing News was published.  ther early businesses included a grain company, hardware and feed store, lumber company, insurance, building contractor, meat market, barber shop, grocery and dry goods stores, a doctor, a veterinarian and a pool hall (men only). 
   Originally, cattle raising was the main way of life, but agricultural interests soon included cotton, sugar cane, corn and rice. 
   In addition to the sites in this brochure, the Grimes Family Cemetery is located on FM 2853 approximately three miles
from Texas 35. 
   The Blessing Library building, 812 10th Street, was the former Presbyterian Church, then the Czech Brethren Church. 
   Quilters might want to visit Quilt Fabric & More on FM 616 east of the Community Center.

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