"We all want our name called, God offers us redemption" by: Betsy Monico

   The stretch of precious time between winter and spring just a few years ago meant getting bulbs in the ground, T-ball cleats, and treating one final ear infection. 
   Things have changed. I currently find myself raising money for Project Graduation. 
   Before I blink, we will be thinking prom and 8th grade dance. 
   Needless to say, I do not expect any tulips to bloom this year. That was another season of life, but may return. 
   The Daddy/Daughter dance, one of the main Project Graduation fundraisers, took place last night. 
   I joyfully headed it up, but will joyfully let others be in charge of what comes next. 
   Luckily, dads and daughters are pretty low maintenance. 
   Decorations were simple and the menu included cookies and pink lemonade. 
   The “store bought cookies” went just as fast as the homemade ones, and even tied with the Collin Street Bakery assortment. 
   I put eating a Collin Street Bakery cookie on my to-do list, but forgot to go back by! 
   I walked around mesmerized by the little girls dressed up and having the time of their lives. 
   Last night taught me a few lessons too. The punch table collapsed about an hour into the event. Our DJ was fabulous. 
   The dance floor was full! Everyone was happily entertained when it happened….except for those in line for a drink.  
   Guess who set up that table and forgot to secure the legs? 
   Yours truly! I apologized to our faithful helpers at that station. 
   Next time - I will double check the tables. 
   The ladies said nobody got mad or hurt over the ruckus. 
   It was a quick spill. However, the clean-up was sticky and not quite so quick. 
   This fiasco reminds me a lot of human nature and sin. 
   We all have “spills” no matter our level of spiritual maturity. Thankfully though, the Lord promises to clean us up. 
   There may be consequences or messes to deal with afterwards, but we are absolutely and completely forgiven when we repent and turn back to God. 
   Acts 3:19 says, “Repent then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord.” 
   Our lemonade table was refreshed and cleaned up. It just took a few minutes. 
   When we know Jesus as our Savior, dealing with sin is the same. We are able to get cleaned up!
There was an ongoing issue too with the door prizes! We typically ask for goodie bags and randomly draw names. 
   The DJ calls out the winners. She gets swarmed on stage by a multitude of little girls. 
   They all look different and are all dressed differently, but all share one thing in common - they desperately want their name called! 
   When the final name was announced last night, a sense of disappointment fell on the dance floor. 
   My heart broke. I mentally noted to scrap the door prizes! 
   I would love to say this specific group is the only one who wants to be called out, the only one desiring to feel like they are chosen and special. I know that is not true! 
   We all do. Whether we are male, female, old, young, working in a factory, an office, or even sitting in a desk at school - we all long to feel like we are one of the chosen! 
   We all want our name called!  
   Sadly, we cannot guarantee this type of recognition will ever take place on earth. 
   Our only hope and absolute security is with Jesus. 
   Isaiah 43:1 says, “Fear not, for I have redeemed you, I have called you by name, and you are mine.”
    Rest in the security of that this week! 

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