"The challenge of being a Night Owl in a daytime world" by: Jessica Shepard

   I struggle a lot with getting enough sleep to function and find that my sleep pattern is pathetically inconsistent. 
   Mostly it centers on my lack of motivation to get out of bed and participate in life during daylight hours.  
      I’ve always been much better as a night owl left to my own devices. 
   Or, at least, been more mentally stimulated and physically awake once the sun sets versus enduring light-sensitive migraines from the sun. 
   Plus everything just seems quieter at night and since it’s the time most of the population rests, it’s just perfect. 
   Not to mention that night time weather is usually better than day time because the sun is gone. 
   I prefer moderate temperatures with partly cloudy skies and a decent breeze over scathing heat and humidity. 
   And I care for bone-chilling cold even less. 
   Lately, we’ve had a lot of rain and it’s been hard to keep my eyes open more so than usual when working. 
   Dark clouds and rain are ridiculously relaxing and set the stage for guaranteed sleep or a long nap, at least. 
   But sadly, that’s frowned upon still. 
   Even though I’ve told mom several times about the importance of naps for boosting morale and productivity, she still sticks to her strict schedule. 
   And that just further exacerbates the struggle to maintain some zombie-like state of being. 
   Coffee has never worked for me because I hate the taste and sugar rushes always crash. 
   I’ve never understood why my preferences lie this way, but, they are becoming a nuisance. 
   Plus, it’s harder to function as a night owl when you have work to do that requires you to deal with people. 
   It also throws up a bunch of red flags about appropriateness and timeliness that I have a hard time handling. 
   It’s a struggle and though I’ve tried to adjust to more daylight hours, the changes don’t stick very well. 
   I can manage a week or two of consistent sunlight servitude, but all it takes is one evening to extend into a late night and I’m up as long as the sun is down. 
   Counting sheep is pointless then and I’ve fallen off the “keeping normal hours” wagon. 
   I just wish there was a way for my preferences to exist in line with others. 
   Until then, I’ll try surviving the day by stealing a nap.  

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