Financial gifts for Valentines ...of all ages

   Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.  
   This year, consider going beyond the flowers and chocolates – and think about providing financial-related gifts to your loved ones of all generations. 
   For your spouse or partner, you can give the gift of greater financial security.  
   And one way to do this is to maintain adequate disability and life insurance. 
   For your children or grandchildren, you can offer the gift of education – so you may want to consider a Section 529 college savings plan, which offers tax advantages and high contribution limits. 
   And for your parents, who may be well into their retirement years, your greatest gift might be to help them ensure that their legacy is in order.  
   So, if your parents need help, you may want to introduce them to the legal, tax and financial professionals who can help them create the appropriate estate plans. 
   Clearly, there’s a broad range of financial gifts you can give your loved ones.  
   Start thinking about these gifts on Valentine’s Day – and beyond. 
   This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisors John Dickerson & Hawes Dickerson. Member SIPC.

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