"Life would be great if we ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’" by: Betsy Monico

   Tomorrow we re-enter the world after our “flucation.” 
   Our district made a wise call and cancelled school last Thursday and Friday. The extra-long weekend lasted forever! 
   Even though the Super Bowl is blaring, I will soon turn into crazy momma and make everyone find their necessities. 
   Thankfully, the flu only marked its territory on one member of our family; however, I witnessed kids and staff drop like flies. 
   My youngest, Blaise, called me last Monday after lunch. I picked her up, and she has yet to return to school. 
   Years ago, my girls both suffered from the flu at the same time. They moaned, groaned, and claimed that their feet hurt. 
   Last week’s episode proved to be much less severe! Sister felt bad, but was not totally down for the count. 
   I managed to work and check on her throughout the day. By day four though, she was very melancholy! I tried to make her laugh and failed. 
   I tried to make her smile and failed. I did succeed in making her leave her room daily and moving into the living room. 
   Even when she physically regained strength, she still faced a mental battle from being home for so long. 
   Bless her heart…the highlight of her day was when her big brothers arrived home after baseball and shared their stories. 
   An unexpected visit from her best friend late Thursday afternoon saved her! 
   She immediately came to life! Her coloring looked rosy, her voice changed, and she was moving around! 
   I witnessed the whole scene and teared up. Happy tears fell down my cheeks because I was reminded how special friends are! This particular, spontaneous visit proved to be a game-changer! You might call these two “kindred spirits.” 
   Thanks to the unanticipated holiday, they traveled to Abilene the next morning for a weekend of softball. 
   Banner, the oldest of our crew, attends Hardin-Simmons. She was born independent and possessed leadership skills from a young age.
 Since she moved into her dorm, there has been little to none homesickness. If I had to guess what she misses the most, I would say Blaise and Paige.
Her little sister and her BFF were her running buddies. 
   Again, I witnessed a wonderful example of kindred spirits when they approached the HSU bullpen and leaned on the chain-link fence to visit with her. 
   The Lord has blessed me abundantly with wonderful friends. 
   From my childhood playmates to my current co-workers, and everything in between, I too experience all of the major ups and downs of life with the support of friends who support me. 
   I purchased two of my favorite necklaces last week from Juls by Juls – one of my golden friends. This particular necklace simply says “Blessed.” I bought it in gold and silver. 
   I made a new friend in the Abilene mall, Glory. 
   She was working in one of the kiosks. I know without a doubt we were meant to meet.  
   We talked religion and our favorite places in the world effortlessly. God prompted me to give her the “Blessed” necklace I was wearing. 
   All of a sudden, I remembered I had the silver one in my purse too. We could match! I gave her the silver necklace. 
   She cried. I probably will never see Glory again, but I know we met for a reason. We are kindred spirits. 
   It all boils down to Luke 6:31, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” 
   How great would life be if we all lived out this verse? 
   Although we will never be perfect, join me this week and give it a try!

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