"Spring Break isn’t as exciting as it once was" by: Jessica Shepard

   Every year, as soon as I hear the words “Spring Break,” I get excited.
   Lately, the realization has come crashing down that I’m an adult and there is no break.
   No break from work or working and it doesn’t matter if it’s newspaper work or housework. 
   Granted, I don’t have kids, but, I still maintain a love for those dearly-remembered, week-long breaks where I could lump around my grandmother’s house and do the bare minimum.
   Everyone else my age always went out and partied while I spent time catching up on sleep or getting ready for the final stretch of the school year. 
   Even in college, it was all about resting and regrouping instead of getting drunk or hanging out at the beach getting sand everywhere.
   Sometimes it makes me feel like I’m too old for my chronological age and I’m going to be yelling at people to get off my lawn waving a cane or something.
   All of that aside, we’ve reached that point of the year again when we might have a little respite, but it certainly isn’t the grand vacations I remember as a kid.
   Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for any brief break in the never-ending world of journalism.
   I just wish it wasn’t at an adult level and so boring.
   Regardless, this year is panning out better than the last.
   My brother is coming home for a visit, so that means anything needing long reach or the height of someone over six feet tall is definitely going to happen. 
   That includes heavy lifting projects like moving furniture around or re-arranging the entire living room for optimal family movie viewing layout.
   I’ll probably tackle a bit of spring cleaning with mom and thin out my extensive paperback collection.
   Well, if only to make room for more books later!
   There’s also some downsizing in my closet that can happen, too if I’m really honest with myself.
   But, we’ll have to wait and see what the weather brings and if my brother wants to do anything out of the house.
   Largely, when we’re not working, we’re a family of homebodies and we tend to take advantage of that during holidays and breaks. 
   But, every so often we have to venture out into the real world and do things we don’t care for doing.
   You know, like grocery store runs or buying some new part for the lawn mower or even tiny little errands like dropping something off at the post office.
   Unfortunately, since the moment I got my driver’s license, I’m usually the one running errands.
   I’m trying to escape that fate this Spring Break, but, we’ll have to see what happens.
   After all, press time is only Tuesday and you won’t be reading this until Thursday – there’s lots of time for things to change and shift.
   Depending on how things pan out, you might hear all about our family time devoted to watching movies or spring cleaning.
   Despite what the Reddell household is doing, I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Spring Break – even if it’s just staying at home!


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