"City tourism group goes $12K over its budget" by: Jessica Shepard

   Bay City Tourism Director Heidi Martinez informed her board of directors that her department was $12,000 over budget during their regular meeting, March 6. 
   “We’re mostly over budget due to our concert series,” clarified Martinez. 
   Martinez plans to combat that overage by using $6,000 in other revenue from special events income. 
   “Though we had planned on using that money for something else, we can use it to alleviate some of the $12,000,” she added.  
   “We’re definitely concerned about this deficit in our concert budget,” said Shea Ingram, board member. 
   “And we’re a little concerned with how many concerts we’re putting on. I don’t think that number is necessary and I think that we limit it to one to two concerts a year that that would be better.  
   “If we pair them up with events that are already going on, we’ll get more people.” 
   Ingram cited the concert in January paired with Camofest and the Day of the Dead event the first week of November as being more beneficial. 

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