Put together a professional team to help you reach your goals

   At various times, you will need to make moves containing financial, tax and legal elements, so you may want to get some help – from more than one source.
   Specifically, you might want to put together a team comprised of your financial advisor, your tax professional, and your attorney.
   Your financial advisor may recommend you sell some investments and use the proceeds to buy others more appropriate for your needs. 
   And your tax advisor can help you determine the tax consequences of such sales.
   Your financial advisor can also help you choose appropriate investments for your retirement plan, while your tax professional can advise you on the ideal contribution amounts, from a tax standpoint.
   Also, your financial and legal advisors can work together on your estate planning documents. 
   Your legal professional can help you create an arrangement, such as a living trust, and your financial advisor can help you choose the right vehicles to fund it.
   Teamwork – it pays off.
   Edward Jones, its employees, and financial advisors cannot provide tax or legal advice. 
   You should consult your attorney or qualified tax advisor regarding your situation.
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