"We can’t change much in world, but we can choose our own words" by: Betsy Monico

   Day two of Spring Break – I feel extremely pleased to announce that the meteorologists were wrong!  
   I am currently perched on our front porch, enjoying partly, and cloudy skies with peaks of beautiful sunshine. 
   Since we are not traveling, the local weather is a big deal! The rain may come tomorrow, but I am thankful for two days of spring.
   Spring Break equals low-key for us. The only tradition we ever formed was an afternoon at White Rock with the Dallas Monicos. To say it was the best of times is an understatement. We loaded up Bear’s van with bikes, tricycles, a cooler full of drinks, and our blankets to spread on the hill of our favorite area of the lake. 
   The day simply meant…kids zooming past on bikes, sitting, and visiting. 
   We often spotted the SMU rowing team gracefully out on the water. 
   Families BBQ, feed the ducks, and play on the playground. 
   Laughter, fussing, and a multitude of languages filled the air. Thankfully, I have no regrets. I knew these times were to be treasured. I snapped pictures to prove it. 
   I predict myself tonight digging through old scrapbooks and boxes. 
   The ice cream man pulling up attested to be the highlight of the day. He was typically on the phone, never made eye contact, but managed to get the orders right and collect his money. 
   After the line subsided, he cranked his music back up and drove off. 
   If the stars line up and Bear is off tomorrow, we are headed north to recreate it all.  
   Monday is the only day all four kids are free. We will see! If not, seasons change and we know to embrace them all! 
   What else? Little sister and I sunbathed. Husband sprayed weeds. I weeded our garden and swept the carport. 
   The flowerbeds are next on my list. If and when it starts raining, I will move in. Until then - I am happy and outside.
   Eyes have rolled, but I have told the kids that the butterflies are out, the grass is green, and that the birds are singing. 
   My purple martins always serenade me. Today while laying “out” with Blaise, there were so many birds singing that I had to focus on what was what, who was who. 
   I know for sure that over to our left was a Mockingbird! Mockingbirds are quite fascinating. 
   They mimic other birds, sounds, and even humans. 
   My conclusion…humans behave a lot like Mockingbirds. 
   I worked at the Outback Steakhouse for years and spoke “restaurant” talk. 
   Thank the Lord, I cleaned up that talk and learned to communicate properly at Agnew Middle School in Mesquite. Next was baby talk and toddler talk! 
   Fast-forward to big kids, four teens. We talk differently now. That is a good and a bad thing. 
   I was convicted today that I must be intentional with my words and my actions! 
   Honestly, our talk at home is often negative; consequently, my goal for the week is to be positive, give God praise, to speak Words of Life, and to offer thanksgiving in the name of Jesus! 
   When I return to school, I must do the same. When my kids return to school, I must remind them to do the same! 
   We can’t change much in our world, but we can obviously monitor and consciously choose our own words and actions.  
   Join me this week and speak Words of Life!  
   Psalms 19:14 says “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight.”

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