"George Morgan: Matagorda Peninsula Bar Pilot" By Russell Huebner Matagorda County TXGenWeb

   Life on Matagorda Peninsula has never been easy. Historically, it was a place of dreams that never came true by dreamers enticed to the island by its own subtle beauty among other reasons.
   In the late 1600s, a French explorer, Rene Robert Cavalier Sieur de La Salle arrived near there. Twelve of his party of settlers ended upon the peninsula for a while and only six of them left a few weeks later.
   Karankawa Indians were responsible for the deaths of some of the six, leaving rattlesnakes, disease, and hunger to take care of the rest.
   This is borne out by documents from the resurrection of La Salle's ship La Belle in Matagorda Bay. Discoveries from La Belle enabled historians and archeologists to sort out LaSalle's almost every movement.
   But La Salle's men were just a part of the peninsula's history.
   There are links, however, because of the daily life of the peninsula between those early French settlers and a man and his family who lived for some time on the peninsula about two centuries later.
   George was a bar pilot at Pass Cavallo, which separated Matagorda Peninsula from Matagorda Island.

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