Cafe owner Gillette a popular Bay City citizen

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Stanley James Gillette was a native of Matagorda County, and was undoubtedly one of the best known and most popular citizens of Bay City, where he was proprietor of the Green Cafe and Confectionery and had made a business of providing service to the many hundreds of hunters and other visitors who sought the game preserves of Matagorda County.
   Gillette was born in Matagorda County, November 27, 1884. 
   His father, James Stanley Gillette, was born in Matagorda County, Texas, in 1854. 
   His father, August Gillette, was a native of France and came to America when a lad of 12 and settled in the Medina Colony near San Antonio. 
   The family later moved to Matagorda and Galveston, a pioneer family of Texas.
   James Stanley Gillette made two trips up the trail with herds of cattle made up in Matagorda County-in 1878 and 1879-going to the northern markets. 
   He established a ranch in Matagorda County where the Town of Gulf now [1930] stands, and continued to operate his ranch, raising cattle, sheep and horses, until about 1890 when he moved to Bay City about the time the town was founded [1894]. 

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