FEMA releases flood maps for Matagorda County

   The revised preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) are available for review by residents and business owners in all communities and the unincorporated areas of Matagorda County.
  Officials encourage property owners to review the latest information to learn about local flood risks and potential future flood insurance requirements.
   For this physical map revision, the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) for Matagorda County serve multiple purposes, including defining Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHAs) and setting rates for flood insurance.  
   FHAs are areas at high risk for flooding. Communities and residents can use the information to make informed decisions about building, development, and flood insurance. 
   FEMA stresses that flooding can and does happen outside of the most vulnerable areas.  “Along with our state and local partners we’ve worked hard to bring this critical information to Matagorda County. We hope everyone will review the maps to understand their individual flood risks,” said FEMA Region 6 Administrator, Tony Robinson.  
   “Flood water does not stop at a line on a map, so I encourage everyone to purchase flood insurance, because more than 25 percent of flood damages occur outside of the Special Flood Hazard Area.” 
   Review the preliminary flood maps by visiting your local floodplain administrator (FPA).   
   A FEMA map specialist can help identify your community FPA and is available by telephone at 1-877-FEMA-MAP (1-877-336-2627) or by email at FEMAMapSpecialist@riskmapcds.com.  
   The preliminary maps may also be viewed online at the following locations:
   The flood map change viewer at http://msc.fema.gov/fmcv 
   The FEMA map service center at http://msc.fema.gov/portal 
   For more information about the flood maps:
Use a live chat service about flood maps at http://go.usa.gov/r6C (click on the “Live Chat” icon)
Contact a FEMA map specialist by telephone at 1-877-FEMA-MAP (1-877-336-2627) or by email at FEMAMapSpecialist@riskmapcds.com

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