Young Virginia bride lost in Matagorda Bay shipwreck

Eliza ‘Pink’ Dunn

   EDITOR’S NOTE: In our March 28 History Page on Matagorda Peninsula Bar Pilot George Morgan, the story told how Morgan was among the rescuers of the steamship Independence that broke apart attempting to enter Matagorda Bay at Pass Cavallo March 20, 1852. 
   In preparing that article, we came across the story of a young Virginia bride and her husband, a U.S. Army officer bound for West Texas, who were aboard the Independence when it founded in the waves at Pass Cavallo.
   She perished in the shipwreck, but he lived and never remarried.
   The following comes from:
Pioneer Families of Washington County, Virginia
   Eliza Margaret "Pink" Dunn was born on 3 May 1834 in Washington County, Virginia.
   Eliza, who was known in the family as "Pink", grew up in Washington County, Virginia, in the old log house off Forest Hills Drive which had originally belonged to her grandmother Margaret Buchanan Edmondson. 
   Eliza was the second daughter in a family of 9 children who were born over a span of 21 years, ranging from 1830 to 1851. 
   Eliza was known to possess an intelligent mind and a sweet disposition. 

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