Van Vleck, Tidehaven, Bay City track & field winners

District 24-3A 
Track & Field results
Thursday, April 11
Van Vleck High School

   JV Girls 
   Alexus Abbott- 1st -100 meter , 200 meter , Long jump,  
   Julia Green- 5th 100 meter  
   Katie Simon- 4th 400 meters, Samantha Simon-6th 400 meters 
   Lora Svetlik, Julia Green, Paisley Pierce, & Alexus Abbott-5th 400 meter relay 
   JV Boys 
   Austin Hill- 4th 400 meters, 3rd Long Jump 
   Garrett Chambless- 6th shot put, 1st Discus 
   Ethan Arrington-4th Discus 
   Elijah Francis-5th Triple Jump 
   Bryson Blackmon, Charles Mangum, Kadarius Woodard, & Jace Mackenzie- 1st 400 meter relay 
   Bryson Blackmon, Charles Mangum, Tylan Good, & Jace Mackenzie- 1st 800 meter relay    
   Varsity Girls 
   Taija Fields-6th 100 meters 
   Katelyn Brown, Riley Roe, Trinity Fields, & Taija Fields- 5th 400 meter relay 
   Varsity Boys 
   Dalton Ashcraft-5th Discus 
   These young men competed in the Area Track and Field Meet at Onlaska High School Monday, April 15. 
   De'Mitri Monroe- 1st Long Jump, 3rd 100 meters 
   Brandon Burnett-6th 100 meters 
   Travis Koliba, De'Mitri Monroe, Brandon Burnett, & Cameron Franklin- 1st 400 meter relay Travis Koliba, Cameron Franklin, Brandon Espinoza & Trent Blaylock- 2nd 800 meter relay
Tidehaven Tiger Track Athletes who have Qualified for the UIL Area Track Meet:
   Anisa Cornett 100m Hurdles, 300m Hurdles and The Mile Relay
   Taylor Young 100m Dash, 4x200m Relay, and 4x100 Relay
   Destiny Morales 200m, 4x200m Relay, 4x100m Relay
   Aerial Snyder and Illiana Ramirez 4x400m Relay
   Camryn Frick 4x400m Relay, 4x200m Relay
   Hailey Irizarry 4x100m Relay, 4x200m Relay and 4x400m Relay
   Camron Green and Blake Garcia 4x100m Relay, 4x200 Relay 4x400m Relay
   Joey Jamie 4x200, 200m Dash, discus
   Kaden Henry 400m Dash, 4x400m Relay
   Call davant 110m Hurdles , 300m Hurdles
   Kylan Sardinea 4x100, 4x 400m Relay, 400m Dash
   Austin Smith 4x100m Relay 4 x400m Relay, High Jump
   Adrian Ramirez 800m Run, 3200m Run, 1600m Run

   The Bay City High School Ladycats claimed the UIL Track and Field District 24-4A Championship April 10-11 at Brazosport. 
   The Blackcats finished third overall in the team standings. 
   Those who finished in first through fourth place have qualified for Area. 
   Listed are those who earned points for the team.
   Girls: Varsity:
   Ky’asia Fields – 1st, 100 M Dash
   Jada Finley – 2nd, 200 M Dash; 3rd, High Jump; 3rd, Long Jump
   Arianna Loot – 3rd, 400 M Dash
   Itzell Morales -- 4th, 800 M Run; 2nd, 1600 M Run; 3rd, 3200 M Run
   Melanie Bustos -- 5th, 800 M Run
   Victoria Murillo – 4th, 1600 M Run; 4th, 3200 M Run
   Julianne Kucera – 5th, 1600 M Run; 1st, 3200 M Run
   Hannah Hernandez --  2nd, 100 M Hurdles; 3rd, 300 M Hurdles
   Lauree Roberts – 4th, 100 M Hurdles
   Amonie Hall – 2nd, High Jump
   Haley Eidlebach – 2nd, Pole Vault
   Ky’asia Fields, Arianna Loot, Jada Finley, Amonie Hall – 1st, 4 x 100 M Relay & 4 x 200 M Relay
   A’Mayah Payton, Haley Eidlebach, Hannah Hernandez, Melanie Bustos – 4th, 4 x 400 M Relay
   Boys Varsity:
   Davieyon Curtis – 6th, 100 M Dash
   Johnathan Smith – 1st, 200 M Dash; 6th, High Jump
   Dylan Davidson – 2nd, 200 M Dash
   Raheem Key – 2nd, 400 M Dash
   Luke Betancourt – 6th, 400 M Dash
   Ramiro Vera – 3rd, 800 M Run; 3rd, 1600 M Run
   Efrain Robles – 6th, 1600 M Run
   Ramiro Vera – 2nd, 3200 M Run
   Antonio Sanchez – 6th, 3200 M Run
   Dayton Robinson – 3rd, Long Jump
   Raheem Key, Johnathan Smith, Dylan Davidson, Dae Dae Curtis – 2nd, 4 x 100 M Relay
   James Carter, Johnathan Smith, Dylan Davidson, Dae Dae Curtis – 2nd, 4 x 200 M Relay
   Raheem K, Luke Betancourt, Antuan Woods, Romy Wertz – 2nd, 4 x 400 M Relay
   Boys Junior Varsity
   Cyrus Edison – 2nd, 100 M Dash
   Adonis James – 5th, 200 M Dash
   Jamorris Abbott, Cyrus Edison, Adarirus Courtland, Adonis James – 2nd, 4  x 100 M Relay & 3rd, 4 x 200 M Relay
   Connor Stephenson – 3rd, Pole Vault
   Adarirus Courtland – 2nd, Long Jump
   JC Garay – 4th, Shot Put
   Lucas Hurtado – 3rd, Discus
   Girls Junior Varsity
   Zaydea Green – 3rd, Discus
   Ladycats head coach is Zerrick Vriseno, and Blackcat head coach is Shawn Hurd.

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