"Rain dampens Mother’s Day plans; make every day Mother’s Day" by: Jessica Shepard

   Don’t forget, Mother’s Day is this Sunday.
   Usually, for us, that means doing something mom wants or needs doing.
   Often times it’s a huge undertaking like re-painting the house or draining and scrubbing out the pool.
   This year, we’re at a bit of a loss due to weather predictions including lots of rainfall.
   That really limits what we can do outside.
   Plus, it makes it harder to travel if roads get flooded and I don’t see anyone of us driving through hail.
   Sorry, mom!
   My siblings aren’t going to be coming home either, so that really narrows down the scope of work we can accomplish indoors.
   I did have to remind her that everyone came home for Easter, so, at least she got one semi-May holiday out of the way.
   But, I know that it isn’t the same and it really limits what we can do to celebrate.
      And I use the term “celebrate” loosely; because in the end, it’s all about what mom decides.
   Or, well, anything mom wants.
   That still doesn’t stop me from trying to devise something fun.
   After all, we’re working long hours day in and day out and no one deserves a break more than my mom.
   I don’t know about your mom, but, my mom has always inspired me to do better and be the best that I can be.
   Even when I’m under the weather and suffering from allergies, she does so much work that it motivates me to try and keep up.
   Most moms, mine included, sacrifice endlessly to give their children everything and are the backbone of the entire household.
   I do realize that I take for granted the things she does in the background that, at the time, don’t seem that important to me but are pretty vital to our household survival.
   I’m always grateful when there’s a magical mom-made appearance of groceries, surprise clean laundry or little gifts she finds me when she’s out and about.
   In many ways, she’s more than a mom; she’s a friend, confidant, partner in crime and my oldest cheerleader.
   Through all the years she’s been my rock and the only one whose criticism I listen to – though acting on it is a whole different story.
   My mom, like most mothers, is amazing and deserves more than just one recognized holiday.
   I’m working on celebrating her impact in my life every day and perhaps you should do the same for yours.   

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