"We can’t go it alone: We need to strive daily to connect with Christ" by: Betsy Monico

   Today was Sunday, fun day, get ready for the next week day… prepare for the last few weeks of school day! 
   Last week, I said multiple times to my fellow co-workers at the elementary that we still had too much time left for everyone to be acting so wild and crazy. 
   I meant that for the adults and for the children. 
   Everywhere I looked, I saw excitement. 
   The kids naturally seem to get more active and more hyper; however, the adults seem to dramatically slow down and struggle to complete normal tasks. 
   It is not a good mix at all! We have a saying though, and I believe it with all of my heart, “We will pull through.”
   I gave the children’s message this morning at church. I had pound cake on my mind. Because I am baking one tonight for work, I used the basic ingredients as my visual for the kiddos. 
   I held up a bag of flour and asked if they knew what it was. They identified it easily. 
   I asked if it was good by itself. They all frowned, wrinkled up their little foreheads, and said No! 
   My next visual was a canister of salt. 
   I asked if salt all by itself was good? Their reaction was the same…no! 
   I really goofed up on the next one though. I showed my audience a baggie of sugar. (I obviously did not think this one through.) 
   I said “OK kiddos, is a bag of sugar good all by itself?” The adults behind me would have probably said no, but the kids in front of me all smiled, licked their lips, and exclaimed, “yes!” 
   Realizing I failed, I thought quickly and asked if they had ever smelled vanilla? 
   Everyone smiled because the smell of vanilla is wonderful! I then asked… have you tasted vanilla all by itself? 
   Luckily, this particular group of kids had spent some time in the kitchen. 
   They knew that vanilla smelled good, but was not good all by itself to the pallet.  
   I recovered from the sugar mishap. 
   I had a plan and knew where I was going. 
   Thankfully, with the help of the Lord, it worked! 
   I continued by saying…these things are not good all by themselves, but mixed them together with some eggs, and milk, will they be good? 
   A big yes came out of their mouths in unison. 
   Thankfully, the idea that we are no good at all by ourselves was clear! 
   I confessed to the precious ones in front of me that I am no good by myself either! We are not meant to do life by ourselves!  
   We all need Jesus in our hearts. Then, we are not perfect, but good! 
   They were listening, so I did not stop there. Jesus is the first thing we need. 
   Secondly, we need our families and our church family to support us and help us grow daily. 
   Thirdly, we need Christians in our local community to help us grow closer to God and walk closer with Him. 
   To sum it all up, we cannot do life alone! 
   This is true no matter our age, church affiliation, race, income level, IQ, or political affiliation. 
   Few things are absolute statements, but this one is. 
   We all need the love of Christ and must strive to connect with Him daily and personally. 
   We live in a fallen world and will not make it alone – or be “good” all by ourselves! 
   Romans 3:23 says, “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” 
   Keep that in mind this week. Don’t do life alone!

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