Roy and Carrie Nelson’s family part of Collegeport community

Carrie Belle Shuey Nelson

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    EDITOR’S NOTE: Last week, we featured the Samuel P. Shuey family and this week we have the Roy Nelson Family of Collegeport - his wife, Carrie, was the daughter Samuel and Margaret Shuey.  
    Roy Nelson was born in Kansas on February 9, 1880, to Francis Marion Nelson, who came to the United States from England, and Alice Ann Marley, who was of French descent and was originally from Mississippi.
   Carrie Bell Shuey was born on March 17, 1882, in Osborn County, Kansas, to S. P. Shuey, who was born on July 22, 1884, in Muskinham County, Ohio, and Margaret Emeline Worden, who was born on October 31, 1851, in Gracen County, Virginia.
   Roy Nelson and Carrie Shuey were married on Easter Sunday, April, 1904, in Alton, Kansas. In 1909 Roy heard of the Texas land rush and of the Burton D. Hurd Land Company excursions to Collegeport, Texas, where the artesian wells flowed excessively, citrus fruit, bountiful corn crops, and wonderful garden vegetables could be raised, and luscious berried grew wild.
   He boarded the train in Osborn, Kansas, and came to Collegeport where he purchased five acres of land north of the city, and returned to get his wife, Carrie. 
   They had a restaurant to dispose of and goods to be packed for transporting to Collegeport by train. 
  In the spring of 1910, they arrived in Collegeport and lived in the hotel until the barn was built, then they lived in one side of the barn until their home was completed. Roy planted corn and Carrie raised garden “sass” as she called it. 
   She sold all the garden produce that she raised to the hotels, plus cream, butter, and eggs.
   Carrie’s father and mother, the S. P. Shueys, moved to Citrus Grove, Texas, from Kansas to be near their family. 
   Their daughters, Della Braden, Grace Batchelder, Carrie Nelson, and their son, William Shuey, all resided in Matagorda County.
   Roy and Grandpa S. P. Shuey planted an orange orchard just north of Roy and Carrie’s home. Later they planted a number of pecan trees. 

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