"Getting used to fact that summer just isn’t what it used to be" by: Jessica Shepard

   Summer used to have a different meaning when I was a kid.
   It used to be synonymous with unrestrained freedom, possibilities and endless days spent seeking refuge from the heat.
   Okay, so that last one still holds true today, but the rest just sort of slipped away somewhere between the end of high school and my second year in college.
   It almost feels like adulthood got in the way of all the fun – or at least what I thought of as fun.
   Now, fun is a full night’s sleep with minor interruptions or none at all!
   I mean, occasionally I get out and do things with my friends when the stars and schedules seem to align – or my mom since she’s always around and we tend to have the same timelines.
   Unfortunately, work does get in the way a lot or some other sort of tragedy befalls us.
   Last Thursday, I severely sprained my ankle and let me tell you, I don’t cry for much pain but this brought me to tears straight away.
   I’m not a fan of pain, but can grit out most of it; sprained or twisted ankles are not one of them.
   I ended up hobbling around with a support brace and a lot of rest, elevation and ice packs.
   It’s been the worst incident I’ve had in months and I’m still not 100% in working order as it stands today.
   But, there’s nothing left to really do for it, so I’m soldiering onward and working through it slowly but surely. 
   This past weekend was also our annual pool drain, clean and rest.
   After dealing with this antique nightmare for a decade, we’ve gotten down to a science, or something like that.
   I’m only a little bit sorry that my sprain put me out of commission because I really hate that part of pool ownership.
   I’m more of a brief, lazy skimmer and occasional re-filler of chlorine tabs.
      Still, we managed to get it all done in roughly two days and I did lend a hand as best I could.
   To tell the truth, spending time in pools has always been one of my favorite things about summer.
   Any excuse to stay cooled off is a given, but swimming or even just floating along lends itself to an effortless sort of relaxation.
   Plus, it beats the beach, hands-down – unless I want to go beachcombing, but that’s a whole other discussion topic.
   The only thing we’re worried about now is the weather forecast and possible rain deluge because rainwater affects the chemical balance in the pool and can turn it from sparkling clear blue to icky green, really quickly.
   And a green pool will make all of our weekend work a moot point. Not to mention lend itself to a lot of aggravation to set it back to rights again. 

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