"Hestand address focus on not fearing the future" by: Jessica Shepard

Sentinel photo/Jessica Shepard
Bay City High School's class of 2019 graduating seniors had a variety of reactions when receiving their diplomas May 31. Some could barely contain their excitement, others were shocked and reverent with their diplomas. About 220 students participated in commencement ceremonies that night.

   Bay City High School’s Class of 2019’s valedictorian Zachary Hestand addressed his classmates about changes in the future.
   “Just as Bay City ISD is soon going to be experiencing a large change, we too are about to experience some of the most significant changes in our lives,” he said at the BCHS graduation Friday, May 31.
   “For the past 12 years, we have experienced rather small changes, whether it was going to a new school, getting new teachers or making new friends. 
“All were quite small in their overall impact: we still mostly had the same people around us, in the same environment.
   “However, after this evening, we are no longer going to be surrounded by those same people. We are no longer all set on the same path as one another as we mostly were for the past 12 years; now, we each have the freedom to choose what happens next, whether it be a job, college or to serve our country,” he added.
   Hestand also encouraged his fellow graduates not to be afraid of the upcoming changes in their lives and offered words to inspire and comfort them.

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