"BCISD begins work on budget" by: Jessica Shepard

   Bay City ISD trustees and administration personnel reviewed several budget proposals and options during a special budget workshop on Monday, June 10.
   Discussion items included master class schedules for each campus, teacher to student ratios per class section, bond debt payments, moving District Alternative Education Program (DAEP) students back to a campus on Live Oak Street.
   “So, we’re moving the DAEP kids off campus again?” asked trustee Frankie Cole.
“That’s the first I’ve heard of such a move. How will we house them? What kind of security will we have?”
   During the discussion, campus principals reminded board members that they had been housing DAEP students on their home campuses for the past few school years.
   “This isn’t something new that we’ve been discussing,” said BCISD Superintendent Dr. Marshall Scott, III.
   “In fact, I think I mentioned this to the board before, but if I hadn’t, my apologies.”
   Scott mentioned that the new DAEP campus would feature one assistant principal as part of the budget.
   “But, we can look at adding an additional security guard there since we see anywhere from 10-20 DAEP students a year,” he added.
   “I think that would be a good idea instead of having the assistant principal worry about all of it,” said Cole.

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