"Ferdinand, Russell look at 1980s growth projections to help plan future efforts" by: Mike Reddell

   Two Matagorda County economic development officials are taking a page from around 30 years ago and applying it to today for Bay City and Matagorda County’s growth.
   “I came across this snapshot of where Bay City was,” said Mike Ferdinand, Matagorda County Economic Development Corporation executive director.  
   That view from local economic development efforts in 1990 showed Bay City planning for a population of 23,863 and 41,000 in the county, Ferdinand said.
   “Aside from the demographics that stood out, it changes your perspective,” he said.
   Today, Bay City’s population is 17,529, with 36,840 in the county, according to 2017 Census data.
   Joining Jessica Russell, the Bay City Community Development Corporation executive director, Ferdinand said they want to “capture what it was” and move that goal post forward to today’s efforts to promote growth.
   Russell contends that approval of a new city government system that includes a city manager and the mayor becoming part of council has “all entities working together.”
   That projected growth about 30 years ago stalled with reversals in Matagorda County oilfield activities and STP construction’s phase was over, Ferdinand pointed out.   

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