"Bay City sales tax rebates up 8.2%" by: Mike Reddell

   Bay City June sales tax rebates are up 8.24% over the same month last year.
   Bay City’s total was $488,094, compared to $456,934 the city received in June 2018, the state comptroller’s office reported.
   For the year, Bay City has gotten $2,910,335 for the year, up 3.05% from the $2,824,031 for the same period last year.
   Palacios’ June sales tax allocation check was for $55,543, up .86% from the $55,066 it received in the same month in 2018.
   Palacios has received $352,681 so far this year, down 6% from $375,634 for the same period in 2018.
   El Campo’s June payment was $390,126, up 18.7% from May 2018, while Wharton’s $203,691 check for the month was 17% higher than the same month last year.
   Lake Jackson’s $926,648 rebate for June was up 20 percent from June of last year.
   The June rebate for Port Lavaca was $268,458, up 13% from the same month last year.
   The June statewide allocation total was $782.1 million, up 10% from last year.
   The allocations are based on sales made in April by businesses that report tax monthly. 

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