Matagorda doctor served in Texas Revolution battles

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The state historical marker, above, and the grave marker, for Dr. Albert Moses Levy at Matagorda Cemetery.

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   Dr. Albert Moses Levy was born in Amsterdam, Holland, in 1800, the son of Abraham Levy and Cornelia Bernard. 
   The family came to the United States from England in 1818 and settled near Richmond, Virginia. His brothers and sisters were: Isaac, Jacob, Lewis, Esther, Mary, Julia and Rebecca.
   Dr. Levy, was graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1832, and first practiced medicine at Richmond, Virginia, where he met and married Maria Bishop Pine. 
   They had a child, Rachel Cornelia, and when Rachel was six months old in 1835, his wife died. 
   His brother, Jacob A. Levy, and wife, Martha Ezekiel, took Rachel to raise along with their own five children. 
   When Rachel was grown, she married Abraham Levy, her first cousin, the son of Jacob A. Levy, with whom she was raised. She and Abraham had six children, three of which died in infancy. 
   The surviving children were Ada, Martha and Ernest.
Brokenhearted from the loss of his beloved wife, Albert Moses Levy went to New Orleans to visit relatives; there he heard about Texas and its struggle for independence.  
   In New Orleans Albert Levy joined the New Orleans Greys and left for Texas. Within two months he was appointed surgeon in chief of the volunteer army of Texas. 
   His army career lasted from October 22, 1835, to February 10, 1836, and included service in the siege of Bexar, where he was wounded. 

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