"Reel Reviews: ‘Toy Story 4’ ties up loose ends in series" by: Jessica Shepard

   I’ve been a fan of Disney’s “Toy Story” series since the beginning in 1995 and I thought the third film was a nice note to end on.
   After all, passing down toys from one generation to the next to be loved, played with and cherished is just a part of our lives.
   But, Disney took it a step further this time with “Toy Story 4.”
   It’s still got the same characters we know and love with plenty of laughs for children and those young at heart.
   I just don’t think it was really needed after the third film, but, I did enjoy this ending bit more.
   It certainly produced less tears and gave plenty of lessons for children about friendship, love and being creative.
   The film stars the voices of Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Annie Potts, Tony Hale, Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, Madeleine McGraw, Christina Hendricks, Keanu Reeves, Ally Maki, Jay Hernandez, Lori Alan, and Joan Cusack.
   During a flashback to Andy’s childhood, R.C. is being swept down a storm drain. 
   Woody (Hanks) leads a successful rescue operation with the other toys, but while they are busy, Bo Peep (Potts) and several other toys are given away by Andy’s younger sister, Molly.
   Despite Woody’s efforts to save her, Bo reassures him that part of being a toy is being taken away, and they share a heartfelt goodbye.
   Two years after Andy donates his toys to Bonnie (McGraw), Woody and the other toys are happy in their new life.
   Worried that Bonnie will feel overwhelmed at her kindergarten orientation, Woody - who Bonnie has recently been neglecting - sneaks into her backpack, and his fears come to light as Bonnie becomes nervous around her new classmates. 
   Woody covertly places a spork and other items from a trash can on Bonnie’s table during arts and crafts, and she turns them into a handmade toy-spork she names “Forky”. 
   After Bonnie places Forky (Hale) in her backpack, he comes to life, much to Woody’s shock.
   After Woody introduces him to the rest of Bonnie’s toys, Forky experiences an existential crisis, believing that he was made to be trash and not a toy, Woody continuously stops him from being thrown away. 
   On a road trip with Bonnie’s family and her toys, Forky jumps out of the window, prompting Woody to follow him for Bonnie’s sake. 
   Woody convinces Forky of the joys of being a toy, and they journey to the RV park at a nearby town where Bonnie and her parents will be staying.
   Reaching the town, Woody spots Bo’s lamp at an antique store, which leads to Woody searching for Bo inside.
   He and Forky encounter a doll named Gabby Gabby (Hendricks), and her sycophant ventriloquist puppets, the Bensons.
   Gabby offers to take them to Bo, but soon reveals her true plan to obtain Woody’s voice box, since her own is broken and no child will purchase her because of it. 
   When Bonnie and her parents enter the store, Woody and Forky try to escape, but Forky is captured by Gabby. 
   From there it’s a struggle to rescue Forky and get back to Bonnie before they leave town altogether; prompting Woody to find help in the unlikeliest of places.
   Toy Story 4 is rated G and is currently ranked No. 1 worldwide with over $120 million in earnings in its debut weekend.

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