"Barbour’s new book inspires readers to soar" by: Jessica Shepard

Judy Barbour
Photo by Jessica Shepard

   Local author Judy Barbour has published her latest inspirational book, “Soar: Love Life, Create your own Joy, Never stop dreaming.” 
   Barbour has published 10 award-winning cookbooks over a span of 40 years. 
   Her first book, “Elegant Elk, Delicious Deer” was published in 1978 and was also her first foray into wild game cooking and featured a lot of research before perfecting her recipes. 
   “But, this is the first book of its kind,” said Barbour. 
   “I’ve published several cookbooks over the years, including one each for the state of Wyoming and Colorado that featured historical facts with each recipe. 
“I have also written columns and articles for magazines and the Bay City Tribune for years in the past.”  
   Barbour describes the book as one of “inspiration, motivation, and gratitude.” 

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