"Court recognizes group, hears praise for its own" by: Mike Reddell

Photo/Crystal Morones
Members of Matagorda County Historic Commission and commissioners court join for a photo to mark the historic commission’s Distinguished Service recognition from the state.

   Recognition for the Matagorda County Historic Commission’s Distinguished Service Award and praise for the county’s accounting system topped the commissioners court regular meeting Monday, July 1.
      In addition, the court appointed members to a revived Matagorda County Rail Transportation District and approved Aleigha Galvan as a grant-funded Victim Assistance Coordinator in the District Attorney’s office.
   Underlining the significance of the historic commission’s 2018 Distinguished Service Award from the state, County Judge Nate McDonald pointed out that less than a fifth of Texas’ 254 counties receive this honor.
   He credited the commission’s “exemplary work year in and year out.”
   Commission President Ona Lea Pierce said the honor should go to Carol Gibbs, who manages the online Matagorda County history and genealogy website, and serves as a communications liaison for the group.
   Pierce talked about the group’s Memorial Day efforts to place flags on veterans of all wars’ graves at county cemeteries.
   She also said that former County Clerk Janet Hickl is the new Certified Local Government officer for historic preservation.
   Hickl is “learning from the ground up,” said Pierce.
   McDonald stressed the group’s success in protecting the historic resources of one of the first Texas counties.

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