"‘Stranger Things’ tops lists of things to do to escape from summer" by: Jessica Shepard

   We’ve now reached that part of summer where nearly five minutes of direct sunlight results in a sunburn. With temperatures in the high 90s and low 100s – it certainly brings out more of my night owl side.
   Unfortunately not enough, but at least we’re running the air conditioner at an acceptable range now.
   But, it might not be enough for the long-term scorching heat.
   With a possible tropical storm headed our way, we’re watching the weather reports closely.
   Granted, Bay City and almost all of Matagorda County has some sort of drainage problem, but I’m down with slow, easy rain.
   I mean, nine-plus inches in the span of a few hours is too much, but somewhere in the neighborhood of up to three inches? 
   That’s not so bad really. As long as we don’t lose power, we can hunker down and ride it out here at Casa de Reddell.
   I’ll just get mom and dad hooked on another Netflix TV series like I did this weekend.
   We binged the latest season of “Stranger Things” when it came out last week and I’m still mentally dissecting all of the historical references. Plus, it helps that there’s a lot of chatter on the internet about it right now. 
   The show’s creators have said that it all comes to an end in season four. That makes me wonder about how many more 80s references they can cram into roughly eight episodes.
   It definitely meshes science fiction and nostalgia into an entertaining show. But, I wouldn’t recommend getting into it without watching the first two seasons. 
   There are key plot points and character history there.
   A few of my friends and I have been discussing the ending and we’re still not happy with it.
   Regardless, I’m not going to spoil any of that for my readers. ’m just saying, check it out and enjoy!
   I might have grown up on the tail end of the 80s, but, luckily, it carried over into the early 90s.
   I mean, they reference My Little Pony, Back to the Future, James Bond and so many other childhood-memory inducing things.
   And talking about it afterward with mom and dad helped provide another look at it all.
   I mean, it wasn’t all pastels and neon or Aquanet and scrunchies apparently. Speaking of scrunchies, my mom still has a whole drawer full of them and uses them frequently.
   After I became a teenager, I just couldn’t get behind them as much – mostly because it was a pain to coordinate them with my outfits.
   Well, that and partly because they don’t stretch as much as other elastic hair ties.
   The weirdest part is that you can still buy them at most major retail stores still!
   As much as fashion faux pas as they are, they’re still pretty popular and that means mom is in style again. We’ll see what else comes back from the 80s fashion vault since it all cycles back around every few years anyway.
   Maintaining power during any weather event helps us as a newspaper and in our private lives, because I don’t think I can manage too much time cooped up without power or air conditioning.
   Regardless, we’re set, just in case, with several other shows lined up in case of inclement weather.
   I’ve got Netflix and Amazon watch lists including a few of my favorites and some new ones that we can watch together like Good Omens, Hanna, Lucifer, several Marvel superhero side stories and more.
   At the very least, we won’t be bored in the rain!      

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