"BCHS grad Missy Horne graduates at West Point" by: Jessica Shepard

Missy Horne

   Bay City’s own Missy Horne graduated as second lieutenant from West Point in May and is on her way to John Hopkins University to become an Army doctor. 
   Horne is a 2016 Bay City High School graduate who was in every extracurricular activity possible – according to her father, Richard George.
   “Missy’s mother had her in everything she could sign up for during high school,” he added.
   “Even then, she’d come home from school and whatever else to do her assigned homework and anything else her mother found online for her to do. 
   “It didn’t even count towards school, she just pushed her to be the best she could possibly be.”
   George said that when Missy was interested in going to West Point, he was “unsure.”
   “It takes a certain kind of strength and dedication to get through such a hard program and I know I couldn’t have made it myself,” he explained.
   “I didn’t have doubts for my daughter, but I was worried that it could overwhelm her. 
   “However, I’m proud of her accomplishments and hope that they help inspire other local children.”
   “She could have done other things with her life and I would be proud of her regardless. But, this was a huge undertaking and wasn’t in the lap of luxury like other schools.” 

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