"Evening out with Mom, laughing at comedian a happy time" by: Jessica Shepard

   School starts in just around a month for most local families. 
   When I was younger, the end of summer was depressing. 
   Now, I’m excited and happy to see it. 
   Mostly because it means that we’re getting closer to cooler temperatures, family birthdays and holidays that I can actually decorate for a month-long celebration. 
   It also means that I get to watch my friends who have children work feverishly to squeeze in one last family vacation or adventure before having to buckle down and prep for school. 
   There’s plenty to contend with including dress codes and classroom supply lists to keep in mind along with signing up for bus routes or campus lunch meal accounts. 
   Some make me feel even weirder to know that said children are in junior high and high school already. 
   It also makes me feel a lot older than I initially thought. 
   Still, lately, I’ve noticed some women in the same predicament as me – single and either hanging out alone or with parents. 
   For example, mom and I went to Bowlera Fun Center to see the first of many scheduled live comedy acts heading to the Fat Boyz Comedy Kitchen stage. 
   Comedian Bob Levy performed for two large crowds Friday and Saturday nights last week - mom and I went Saturday night. 
   The show was hilarious, interactive and definitely had material for ages 21 and up. 
   There were Texan jokes, sex jokes, ageism jokes, married life jokes and many more. 
   There were two other women in my age group there hanging out with their parents, drinking and eating while Levy worked the room for more joke material. 
   Mom and I spent the better part of the time laughing out loud and it was almost enough to make mom pee her pants. 
   Mom blames part of that on having had three children, which I just reminded her that it was her choice to have us. 
   I definitely saw her laughing so hard she had tears coming out of her eyes though – so that’s definitely a win! 
   With free margaritas and an awesome food menu, we were thoroughly enjoying our night out. 
   The next comedian is actually rated PG, so, it won’t really have any dirty jokes, but, we’ll probably go check it out. 
   Comedian Chad Thornsberry will be at Bowlera Friday-Saturday Aug. 9-10 at 9 p.m. on both days. 
   Attendees still have to be 21 and up with tickets costing $15 in advance per person and $20 at the door. 
   Either way, it’s well worth the money for some fun in a nice club-like atmosphere without smoking indoors. 
   And that’s my favorite part of Bowlera as a club, bar, concert venue, karaoke bar, pub, or bowling alley – no smoking inside! 
   That’s because I have asthma; which gets easily irritated by smoke and makes it harder to hang out with adults rather than always going to “family-friendly” places. 
   Don’t get me wrong, I like those, too. 
   But, more often than not, I’d rather have more people my age to hang out with than those toting kids on their hips or dealing with screaming kids in an inappropriate venue.
   At the very least, I’m going to keep hanging out with my parents and spending quality time with them.
   Even if it’s weird and hard to explain at first.  

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