"Sanchez: STP consistent in its plant safety" by: Jessica Shepard

Alfred Sanchez
Photo by Jessica Shepard

   United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s South Texas Project Senior Resident Inspector Alfred Sanchez addressed over 25 businesspersons and citizens about the plant’s safety during a luncheon July 10. 
   “We’re happy to announce that STP has completed its end-of-cycle performance assessment for Units 1 and 2,” said Sanchez. 
   “Historically, STP has almost always been in the green for us and this time is no different. STP has never posted a high safety violation.”  
   Being in the “green” means that any inspection findings were of very low safety significance in the NRC action matrix. 
   The green status also puts STP in the category for a baseline inspection program. 
   As safety significances increase, a plant progresses through several other categories going from green to white, yellow and then red – the highest safety significance. 

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