"Don’t save the best for last or tomorrow: Tomorrow may never come" by: Betsy Monico

   In life and especially at my age, we usually have regular, particularly predictable days.  
   Not so often, we also have days and events that prove to be total “Game Changers.”  
   When my first child began driving and could help me with errands and our daily trips to town…I thought “Game Changer!”  
   For my women readers, the first time I visited the Maddox Shop in Dallas, I thought…Game Changer! This weekend I also thought the same.  
   I got my first weed-eater that I can actually operate on my own.  
   Since Amazon delivered it – I have tidied up my parents’ yard and even helped my husband here with some of the fence rows.  
   It is just amazing! My next acquisition will most likely be a battery powered blower.  
   I often brag on my arm strength, but totally give up when it comes to “pulling” a gas operated machine into action.  
   I remember another time that this happened.  
   A few years ago Blue Bell disappeared. When it reappeared, I wrote about it.  
   It goes like this: 
   I am proud to say that I was at the grocery store the day that Blue Bell returned to its precious spot in the freezer among all of the good, but not great ice creams.  
   There was a crowd and the official Blue Bell men were there in uniform stocking the goods back up. 
   It was my half day at work so I tied the precious commodity up tight in the sack and snuck in into the freezer in the teacher’s lounge.  
   When my kids filed into the library one by one from the bus, I asked them if they wanted a scoop of Blue Bell.  
   I saved my own personal treat for later that night.  
   I quietly retrieved my stashed bag of Oreo Thins, my favorite coffee mug, and I created my own Blue Bell vanilla, cookies and cream mixture.  
   Confession time: I have a habit of saving the best bite for last when I am eating.   
   I did this with my Blue Bell and then something went really wrong.  
   I dropped my cup on our concrete floors and it shattered. (If this was a movie, there would be sad music playing here.)  
   Yes, I was sad that my Starbucks Valentine’s Day mug was shattered, but really I was much more devastated that laying in the middle of the ceramic mess on the floor was my last and best bite of ice cream and Oreo! 
   I realized at that point that saving the best for last is stupid!  
   It is dumb to save the best bite for last with food and it is dumb to hold back anything in life!   
   A friend lost his dad this week. He would agree with me that in life, we should not save the best for last!  
   I was just at the Senior pep rally today.  
   Senior parents would agree with me that nothing should be saved or stored up in life because kindergarten to college is quick. 
   When it comes to loving, laughing, forgiving, and making memories with people you live with, work with, study with, play with, nothing should be held back. 
   We are not guaranteed tomorrow. We have to make the most of today.  
   So, get right with those around you and enjoy every second of the time you have with them.  
   Get right with Jesus and enjoy your relationship with Him. Psalms 144:4 says, “Man is a mere breath; His days are like a passing shadow.”  
   Do not save the best for last or for tomorrow.  
   Tomorrow may not Come.  Your best is today!   
   Expect a “Game Changer” and totally give thanks for it! 

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