"TISD OKs pay raises mandated by HB 3" by: Jessica Shepard

   Tidehaven school trustees unanimously approved pay raises for teachers, librarians, counselors, registered nurses and at-will employees in response to Texas House Bill 3.
   House Bill 3 provides more money for Texas classrooms, increases teacher compensation, reduces recapture and cuts local property taxes for Texas taxpayers.
   Teachers, librarians, counselors, and registered nurses with 0-5 years of experience will get $4,000.
   Teachers, librarians, counselors, and registered nurses with six years or more experience will receive $4,400.
   All at-will employees will be given a $2,000 raise.
   “The district is required by HB3 to commit 30% of all new monies generated by HB3 to employee pay raises not including administrators,” said Superintendent Dr. Andrew Seigrist.
   “With the strong support of the board of trustees, Tidehaven exceeded the 30% minimum requirement in the law of HB3.”
   “We’re excited to do our part for or employees,” said board president Stephen Crow.
   “At the same time we want to stay competitive with surrounding school districts and we believe these raises will help us do that. We’re also going to come back and take a look at administrators at a later date.”

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