"Waiting on late summer chicks to hatch, hoping for no more roosters" by:Shepard

   One of mom’s chickens has gone “broody” for several weeks now.
   That means we’re waiting to see if the eggs she’s sitting on will hatching into little chicks.
   We should know for sure in the coming days how many made it and how many were just duds.
   The next hardest part includes keeping the babies from being carried off by a hawk or killed via snake, raccoon or something. 
   Mom is a little more sensitive about her chickens than I am.
   I mean, we have 15 hens laying eggs already and really, I don’t think we can support many more. 
   But, she cries every time we lose a hen to predators or the bird’s own stupidity.
   Regardless, we’re hoping for a few more layers instead of dumb roosters.
   I only ever really dislike roosters when they crow earlier in the morning than I’ve got my alarm set to go off.
   It’s really annoying when you’re trying to catch up on some sleep and some ridiculous rooster struts around the house to crow under your bedroom window.
   Though, I usually end up rolling over to fall asleep again, lately they’ve been hitting just shy of half an hour before my alarm is set and therefore I can never catch up on that missed time.
   And we have three different roosters who make it their job to ruin my morning first thing!
   All of that nonsense aside it’s fun to see mom get excited about being a chicken grandmother again. 
   The last batch that hatched gave us two roosters and five hens, we’re looking at least as much as that, if not more.
   Also, last time, those little ones were more of a surprise that we stumbled upon rather than expecting babies on purpose.
   Plus, they were hidden in a thorny bush whereas these are in one of mom’s flower pots on the patio.
   Currently, the broody hen is sitting on a dozen eggs and is not too keen on people bothering her.
   Which makes sense, but, at the same time is a bit aggravating when she chases off other chickens and us.
   We don’t have names for all the chickens but mom calls the broody ones “Henrietta” when they act like that.
   Mom also talks to her chickens and sometimes I overhear the funniest conversations when the hens are slacking on their laying duties.
   Overall, it’s still a bit weird to have so many chickens and pretty annoying to help tend them.
   I guess a lot of that goes back to being raised inside city limits and not having to tend to farm animals.
   Or, what I thought of as farm animals in my childhood.
   Even though we need their eggs for baking and cooking I’m not as hardcore as my mom.
   She’ll eat a hardboiled yard egg without any salt or pepper on it and I still find them to taste weird.
   The argument for free roaming versus store-bought eggs is always going on at home.
   Though it only really gets heated when the hens slack off and our supply dwindles.
   Either way, having backyard chickens is entertaining at the very least.
   Especially when the hens run around to avoid the roosters.

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