"Whether you’re in a season of rest or unrest, God is with you" by: Betsy Monico

My youngest is here tonight with her best friend. 
   We looked back at pictures from four years ago of our first, dual family vacation to St. Pete’s Beach. 
   The baby of the group was really a baby. Her little bikini resembled more of a tutu than a bathing suit. It was lavender, tiny, childlike, and just precious. 
   This year she will enter seventh grade! I reminded the girls that time is fleeting; therefore, we better make the most of every single day and never take anything for granted. 
   Life is a gift! Our four years of vacations together were a gift as well. We split up this year for several reasons.  
   I vividly remember some of my summer trips too whenever I was their age. 
   We did the river with another family, visited Salado, and stayed at the Stagecoach Inn. 
   There are details of those vacations I will never forget, yet I may forget to get milk or toilet paper tomorrow at the store. 
   Last week, I was blessed to take my “baby” and one of her best friends, now about to enter high school, to Galveston. 
   We only stayed one night at the Galvez, but spent two, lovely days there at the pool and on the beach.  
   By the time we left, I thought in my mind I had been on “vaca” for over a week. 
   It was so relaxing, beautiful, and restful. 
   With only a group of three, the fact we had no plans, and shared laid-back personalities – it resembled paradise!  
   Rest is important.  
   Whether it be on a beach, back porch, or on the couch-it is essential! 
   Especially in these days with phones and internet, we all must intentionally find time to unplug and just be! 
   When my kids were young, I was always on the go. I could not sit and do nothing. 
   The first day they were all away, I went into a panic.  
   Hyped full of coffee, as usual, to complete my daily tasks and find time to play with them, I felt lost. 
   The past few days showed me that there are seasons of life. I currently am entering a new one.  
   One kid in college, three in high school… I can finally sit and watch. 
   It has been a voyage. 
   Six years ago, I consulted my doctor. I needed help to slow my mind down. 
   I ran, prayed, but could not for the life of me relax.  
   Every day was a roller coaster full of homework, bills to pay, floors to clean, and a library to run. 
   I cut out the extras, but it was not enough. I was not okay. The Lord and I were close. 
   I knew in my heart that is was acceptable to seek help. 
   I laugh now at my past hyperactivity.  
   The pendulum shifted. 
   I am quite content now to sit and do nothing for long periods of time – if the other people around me will do the same. 
   My feathers get ruffled when someone tries to rush me, put me on a schedule, and tell me that it has to be done! 
   I never expected a change, but life is a journey!  
   Some of my closest friends now are taking care of parents with dementia and other issues that come with age. 
   My life with older kids is much easier than what they deal with. 
   Who would have ever thought it- ten years ago?  
   Whether you are in a season of rest or unrest, know the Lord is with you. 
   Matthew 28:20 says, “I am with you always.” Claim that this week.    

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