"Borrowing a Bible verse to live by: Be strong, do everything in love" by: Betsy Monico

  The topic around town is “Back to school.”  
   Yesterday at the volleyball games, I heard it.  Volleyball season kicked off last week. Football begins tomorrow.  
   It is time to rock and roll, as my Dad would say. Summer flew by. It does every year. 
  Getting my crew back in gear is going to be a challenge!  
   When the kids were young, I was an enforcer of bedtime, room cleanliness, and order. 
   The first day of school was not much different than any other summer day. My “mom” helicopter crashed at some point.  
   I learned that failure is good. I would rather my kids fail, get in trouble, and make some questionable decisions when they are under my roof than alone in the real world. At least when they “goof up”, we can talk through it.  
   Having a college age kid come home reinforced my decision to not control every aspect of my kid’s lives. Banner was a messy kid! Her room and organizational skills were a joke!  
   The transformation I witnessed from her last few days of high school until now has been remarkable. 
  Currently, everything has a place. Everything in her life is planned, color coded, and written in her planner.  
   I somewhat “let her be” as a kid. She taught me not to “sweat the small stuff.” It paid off. Her summer room here is a picture of successful, young adult. Her calendar with due dates and lines marked though what she has accomplished makes me smile and a bit envious.  
   She keeps a tab too her dry erase board about how much money each family member owes her.  
   Money has meaning. She has a job. I am proud of her. Back to back to school…
  Personally, my main obstacle is going to be getting up. I adore staying up late and sleeping in. I struggle speaking in complete sentences and mentally completing a logical thought before ten o’clock in the morning these days. 
  I identified another personal problem about a month ago. Baby girl starting high school.  
   The precious, pigtail days are long gone. Our relationship felt kinda gone too. 
   I knew from past experience that we needed a strong connection before she entered the doors of high school.  
   Admitting that, I intentionally planned our Galveston outing as I mentioned in last week’s column.  
   It changed us. Whether she knows it or would admit it, she needed me to focus on just her.  
   Large families are a whole lot of chaotic fun, but sometimes the simplicity of spending time with just one kiddo is incredibly valuable for both the parent and the child. 
  The boys currently have their own set of positive and negative issues.  
   They play football together, share friends, and laugh uncontrollably daily in the cafeteria.  
   Their main issue will most likely be little sister roaming the halls alongside them.  
   They will give her some freedom, but also will protect her when push comes to shove. Thank the Lord!  
  I threatened them today with no back to school money until their room was cleaned up and cleaned out. 
   One fell asleep in the process and the other ran out of the door claiming a mandatory study session. Oh well…I tried! 
  Fairfield Eagles adopt a verse each year. 
   This year is 1 Corinthians 16:13-14 “Be on your guard. Stand firm in your faith; Be courageous; Be strong. Do everything in LOVE.”  
   My plan is to write this truth in various locations at home and at school. Borrow it or get your own, but claim God’s Word and get ready to “rock and roll.” 

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