Dr. J.E. Simons began practice when Bay City was born

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Simons family in their yard on Fourth Street.

   EDITOR’S NOTE: Much of the following article and personal remembrance was given after Dr. J.E. Simons and his wife Annie died with an hour of each other June 30, 1935 in Bay City.
   Simons began his practice actually before Bay City existed - he was there at the beginning in 1894.
   Simons also began a legacy of descendants following him in the medical professional through the present.
   We’ll have more from the Matagorda County TXGenWeb from the Simons family of doctors in future editions.

From the front page of the 
Daily Tribune July 19, 1935
   It is not given to many human beings to live in such completeness of union that two hearts really beat as one - but Bay City has had a beautiful example of such an one-ness in the lives of Dr. and Mrs. J.E. Simons, whose deaths came within just a few moments of each other, Sunday, June 30, 1935.
   Mrs. Simons was Miss Annie Elizabeth Duffy, of Matagorda, where she was educated in the public and private schools, until she had finished all the work offered there. 
   She then went to Victoria where she entered a convent to study the cultural courses offered young ladies.
   During these years, J.E. Simons, who was born in Athens, Henderson County, was being educated in the public schools. 
   After getting what he could there, he went to work in a drug business, having decided on a medical career as his life work - a decision from which he never swerved. 
   Through the kindness of business friends, he was able to go to Louisville, Ky., to college, from which he graduated in 1893, with his much coveted M.D. degree. 
   He came to Texas, to begin his life work, and the first professional office of Dr. J.E. Simons, was on the old state prison farm. 

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