"Economy’s turn may not be how you envisioned lazy summer days" by: John Sample

   If you weren’t nervous before this week, you were either on vacation or gave up caring sine you went to cash in July. 
   The volatility is exacerbated by the lack of volume. 
   The majority of people are squeezing the last vestiges of summer getting away these last two weeks before Labor Day. You take the lack of volume and pile on the unrest in Hong Kong, trade wars with China, peso devaluation in Argentina, the general bad news of mass shooting and why would anyone buy a stock.  
   The fear index is so high that the 10-year Treasury has dropped to 1.68% with gold climbing above $15,000 per ounce. 
   Can you hear Chicken Little?
   There is little or no relief in the commodities sector with West Texas Intermediate crude prices at $54 per barrel. 
   This has not been lost on the energy sector which has been one of the poorest performing sectors. The drop in interest rates has equally punished the financial sector.
   As strong as the consumer appears to be, the bricks and mortar retailers has been taken out to the cleaners. 
   You would think that this would mean internet retailers would benefited but they are also under pressure. 
   Never forget that these tariffs are a tax on consumers which have been estimated to cost families over $1,000 each.
   I would suggest that worry will solve little. 
   Don’t ignore but don’t obsess. 
   Hopefully you raised cash and values may just be around the corner. 
   Not exactly a way to enjoy the lazy hazy days of summer. 
   This the kind of environment that could lead one to drink a bit too much.  

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