"Learning the guidelines that help navigate us through challenges" by: Betsy Monico

   At some point last week, my brain chemicals aligned with my emotions, faith, and physical strength. 
   When this happens, I can usually clean my house, closet, or write something from the heart! 
   I did just that recently and posted my thoughts on Facebook. I only use social media as a positive resource. 
   It helps me get the word out when different organizations I am involved in need help. I also like Facebook because it allows me to reconnect with old with friends. 
   Occasionally, FB gets the Word of God and encouragement out into the crazy, lost world of the internet. 
   This is what I shared.
   My mom resume-a work in progress for 19 years- along with my husband is this: Thankful the most for the grace of God & my first point: My kids all know Jesus personally. I’m an educator, but our STARR scores haven’t always been passing. 
   One Monico got kicked out of church camp. One wrote a horrible note in 5th grade to a classmate. 
   One was not allowed to go on the class field trip in 5th; therefore, I had my ONLY teacher conference. 
   We’ve seen a counselor and still refer others to Miss Sarah in Dallas. One kid has tattoos. Two are thrifty. 
   Two have expensive tastes. 
   One worked 5/6 days a week in the summer heat. 
   They all four text me with “yes mam” and “thank you” throughout the day when I answer their questions. 
   They know if they are in a bind to call me; and I’m coming to get them with no questions. 
   Friends are always welcome here. My house may not be clean or big, but there will be food. 
   It will usually be more tasty than healthy! I know my kids are not perfect. 
   They know the same thing about me. My pink Bible is marked with verses I’ve prayed for them. 
   Why am I posting today? I watched the moms and kids line up at FES to see class lists. 
   I did the same. So much I worried about was trivial. So many issues with our kids just take time! 
   My bossy one is now incredibly strong. My anxious one is now a critical thinker. 
   My “bully” is now a gentle giant. My youngest - well, she’s still amazing and spends too much of our money. 
   We are all closer than ever! Motherhood is a journey....ENJOY all of ups and downs. 
   Talk to your kids about anything and everything. 
   Never hit the floor and panic over what they tell you. 
   Just be glad they told you!!! Allow them to fail. 
   Fight for them when necessary, but know they are probably “playing” you and that there is another side to the story. 
   Only “co-parent” with people who know their kids aren’t perfect too. 
   Addressing the issues and flaws together is true community and love. 
   Keep your mouth closed about other kids. Nothing will break your heart and humble you more than when you are called out in love for being a negative gossip.
   That concludes my post. I wrote it quickly and from the heart! Since the somewhat peaceful point when I penned my thoughts, I have been tested with my teens and life in general. 
   We have had ups and downs that make a massive roller-coaster seem smooth and easy. I have shed tears and been anxious. 
   Motherhood is really tricky. Parenting is a challenge. There is no formula that works for all kids, all families. 
   I will continue on this week with Isaiah 41:10. 
   “I will strengthen you and help you.” 
   I will trust the Lord and lean on His Word. Please join me and do the same. 

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