"Reel Reviews: ‘Good Boys’ hilarious look at modern tweens coming of age" by: Jessica Shepard

   If you’ve seen the trailer for “Good Boys” or seen ANY movie with Seth Rogan either in it or directing, then you’re prepared for this movie.
   Despite its rating and some of the subject matter, I still spent more time laughing than not and it’s currently ranked No. 1 at theaters worldwide.
   Good Boys is rated R for strong crude sexual content, drug, and alcohol material, and language throughout - all involving tweens.
   The film stars Jacob Tremblay, Josh Caras, Chance Hurstfield, Izaac Wang, Brady Noon, Millie Davis, Molly Gordon, Midori Francis, and Keith Williams, and tells the story of the misadventures of three sixth-graders who try to impress their classmates.
Max (Tremblay) is a hormonal middle school kid whose father is going on a business trip. 
   He tells Max not to touch his drone while he is gone as it’s for his work and not a toy. 
   One day, Max, Thor (Noon) and Lucas (Williams), who call themselves “The Bean Bag Boys,” play a card game that Lucas wins by using a rare card all three bought together before going to a local skate park so that Max can see his school crush Brixlee (Davis). 
   Lucas goes home to discover that his parents are getting a divorce. 
   When Max and Thor run into popular kids from their school at the skate park, it’s revealed that they have bought alcohol and are taking turns having sips of the beer. 
   Although Max and the other kids have sips, Thor refuses, after which Atticus (Hurstfield) teases him about needing to put it in a sippy cup and being a “baby.”
   Later, Atticus gives Thor the mean nickname of “sippy cup.”
   In music class, Thor reveals his amazing singing voice and wants to sign up for a musical play for the school, but backs out when he hears that Atticus says that the play is stupid. 
   At lunch, Lucas tries to hide his sadness over his parents’ divorce. 
   Max is invited by popular kid Soren (Wang) to his party, who tells Max that it will end up being a kissing party and that Brixlee will be there. 
   Max tries to get Lucas and Thor invited, to which Soren reluctantly agrees. 
      The boys realize none of them know how to kiss and they try to look online for how to kiss, but, end up watching porn and become horrified by what they see. 
   After, they try to kiss what they think is a CPR doll (which is actually a sex doll), but find it repulsive when they do kiss it. 
   The boys eventually decide that they will spy on Max’s neighbor, college student Hannah (Gordon), to learn how to kiss.
It only goes hilariously and cringeworthily downhill from that point onward.
Still, I enjoyed it noticed some parallels between the Bean Bag Boys and my brother’s friend group while they were in junior high.

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