"The Lord sees not only where you are in life, but where you can be" by: Caleb Gibson

   A young man kid named Billy who was in 8th grade.   
   He was incredibly intelligent. He was in a math class whom the teacher was a coach as well.   
   The teacher was a little rough. Billy come up to the front and solve this problem.   
   As he walked up to the chalk board, he solved it in his mind on his way up. So he writes the math equation, turns around and sits back in his seat.   
   The teacher said, “Billy, that is wrong,” but Billy knew it was correct so he said, “No that’s right.”   
   The teacher said, “Yes it’s right but you have to show your work.” He talked back to the teacher and said, “It doesn’t matter because I got it right.”   
   Now, he should not have talked back to the teacher.
   It made the teacher so mad that he told little Billy, “Hornsby you’ll never amount to anything.”   
   After that day, he checked out. He continued to go to school, but he was checked out.   
   At the age of 15 he would sneak out of the house to make money and to play music in the bars.   
   He ended up dropping out of school. At 17, he has a child.   
   In his early 20s he had three girls, doesn’t know God, and he was living a life going downhill fast.   
   He decided to get a job, so he went to an Exxon to fill in an application to see if he could work there.   
   As he filled out the application, he felt that he was not doing well because he didn’t pay attention in school.   
   After handing in his test he says, ‘Don’t even bother calling me, I know I didn’t do well.”   
   They call him back the next day and say, “Mr. Hornsby, we need you to come in and talk to you about this exam.”   
   He said, “Don’t disappoint me in the office, just tell me now I didn’t get the job.”   
   “Sir, if you don’t mind, we would like you to come on in to Exxon.” He replied, “OK.”   
   When he got to their office they told him, “Sir, we’ve never had any score any higher on this test than you.” 
   The examiner said, “You know, if you put your mind to it, you’ll really amount to something one day!”   
   This was almost the opposite of what the teacher had told him years before.   
   Later that year, he gave his life to Jesus.   
   Billy Hornsby would end up planting churches all over Europe, he founded an organization called the Arc which has planted 900 churches across America!   
   Pastor Chris Hodges once shared this incredible story at the Bethany Conference.   
   To me when I think about this story, I see how it relates to how we see ourselves.   
   Do we see ourselves the way the world does, or do we see ourselves the way God does?   
   God doesn’t just see you where you are, He sees you where you can be. God sees your potential. I’m believe that with God by your side, you will amount to something!

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