"Mayor: We must celebrate differences" by: Jessica Shepard

Sentinel photo/MaLinda Reddell
Mayor Robert Nelson makes a point during his state of the city speech at the Bay City Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture luncheon last Friday.

Mayor Robert Nelson addressed citizens and merchants as part of the Bay City Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture’s guest speaker luncheon, Aug. 22.  
   Nelson spoke mainly about bringing the community together and working toward a common goal.  
   “We have all different types of people here, but we come together for a common cause,” said Nelson.  
   “We all want what’s best for our family, for ourselves, for our children, for our city; so we have to come together to do that. We have some similarities amongst each other and some differences and those differences are okay.  
   “We need to celebrate those differences and come together to understand each other,” Nelson said.  
   “We should learn to appreciate the differences.”  
   He reminded everyone about his election platform and how he is working to institute those campaign ideals.  
   “So, I ran my campaign on growth, collaboration, and unity,” said Nelson.  
   “I’m going to break each of those down on their own for you.”  
   Nelson defined unity as “joining together in harmony and listening to each other.”  
   “Now, that doesn’t mean we are always going to agree, but, we should take the time to listen to each other before speaking,” he added.  
   “We don’t always agree on how we’re going to get there or get something done. But, we should agree on the end result.  
   “That’s really what we’re striving for. We all want to get to a place, whatever that place is,” said Nelson.  

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