"Sitz talks up canal beauty" by: Mike Reddell

   Beautification prospects for an unused LCRA canal at Nile Valley and Texas 60 south was discussed by the Bay City Community Development Corporation board at its regular meeting Monday, Aug. 26.  
   Board Member Becca Sitz brought up the idea of beautifying the canal, plus detention ponds in and around Bay City.
   “I love pretty,” Sitz said.  
   “I would like to investigate,” how to improve the canal’s appearance, she added, but pointed out she wanted the board to know about approaching LCRA.  
   The canal is not abandoned, but it’s not used to transport water, noted board member Loy Sneary.  
   “I see myself talking to LCRA to get to a pretty level,” Sitz said. Beautification efforts could include walking paths, she remarked.  
   BCCDC’s accountant, Jim Frankson, noted the canal is part of Bay City’s flood-protection levee system.  

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