"Van Vleck ISD budget, levy falls in line with projections" by: Jessica Shepard

    Van Vleck ISD trustees unanimously approved the fiscal 2019-2020 budget of $16,892,324 and tax rates during a special meeting, Aug. 26.  
   That budget includes over $11.7 million in general operating costs for instruction, extracurricular activities, and employee salaries.  
   Van Vleck has a minimal food service budget on tap this year as part of the Food and Nutrition Services Department Community Eligibility Program.  
   “All of our students are eligible for free breakfasts and lunches this year,” said VVISD Assistant Superintendent for Finance Gayle Blackmon.  
   “With this grant, as long as the students are eating lunch on campus we’ll be reimbursed.”  
   The adopted total tax rate is $1.19 per $100 housing valuation with 99% expected collection.  
   Blackmon reminded the board about how the tax rate was calculated.  
   “Our appraised value is at $2,216,497,825,” she said.  
   “It’s right in line with our estimates from last year. So, we could just plug it into our formulas and figure out our tax rate and budget and so forth. We also use our freeze adjusted taxes to help calculate our rates.”  
   The approved tax rate is estimated to generate $10,296 in local revenue per student.  
   Last year’s tax rate was $1.25 per $100 housing valuation.  

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