"Book of Corinthians: ‘We live by faith, not by sight’" by: Betsy Monico

   This week’s topic has come up before. If I was an organized person, a writer who used folders, I could find an old column to copy and paste. 
   Because my desktop looks like my closet, that is not going to happen. 
   To save time and energy, I am starting from scratch…going back to the things I begged the Lord to heal me for in 2007. 
   That was the year that I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. 
   My treatment began in April. It continued on until December. 
   When school began that year, I had a second grader, one in kindergarten, and two still at home with me and at Best Friend’s daycare. 
   I do not remember much, but I do recall driving them to town and a Suburban full of car seats. 
   Banner helped me with the little ones. 
   When we went grocery shopping, she pushed a cart. Brazos held onto hers or mine. He was a flight risk…still is! 
   Blaise filled up a buggy basket in her detachable car seat. Bosque dangled his legs out the front of a shopping cart. 
   Dangle is a funny word to associate with him. 
   It sounds like petite or delicate. Those words do not go along with either of my big boys.
   Our daily ten mile trips to town were the best. We sang along with Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, and Nicole C. Mullins. I tried my best not to, but often cried on the way to town in the morning. 
   I quickly wiped my tears away as fast as I could and blamed them on allergies. I also prophesized about the things I was going to live for. 
   I would say to myself…Thank you LORD Jesus that one day I will see her graduate, I will watch this one get married, I will sit in the stands to watch them play football. 
   It was a daily routine for me, knowing that life and death was/is in the power of the tongue. 
   That season of life was perhaps the closest I have ever been to God. Sadly, when we get better and move on – we drift back into our own complacency. Cancer forced me into live intentional. 
   This past Friday night I experienced the “fruits” of one of my prayers. 
   I sat in the stands over in Rusk, Texas beside my husband and watched both of my boys play football together on the offensive line. 
   Football runs deep in my veins. I am a Texas girl. I was born and raised on maroon, gold, Farrah Fawcett hair, and underneath Friday night lights. 
   Two brothers playing together is not a big deal, but one being a senior and the other one a sophomore – both on varsity and ending up on offense is quite an unlikely coincidence. 
   For me and for other followers of Jesus Christ, we know that it is not coincidence. 
   The fact that I sat there in the stands (really stood up and cheered) for them both was truly a blessing from the Lord.
   My youngest suffered his first injury Friday night. 
   Thankfully, it was just an ankle. 
   Ice and time should heal him. When I realized he was the one down, I automatically bowed my head and prayed. I do not recall what I prayed.  
   I just knew at that point it was out of my control. Truthfully, so much of life is. College kids are gone. Kindergarten kids are gone too. 
   Elderly parents have dementia. 
   Dear friends, the only hope we have is to trust in Jesus. 2 Corinthians 5:7 says, “For we live by faith, not by sight.” Remember that this week! 

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