"City Council approves pay scale, salary survey" by: Mike Reddell

 City Council members approved a salary survey and pay scale, but not before there were questions about how a pay raise was to be distributed, at a special meeting Thursday, Aug. 29.
   The session included public hearings on the fiscal 2019-20 tax rate, budget and capital improvements program.  
   City employees are to receive a 3.5% pay raise for fiscal 2019-20.
   Human Resources Director Rhonda Clegg explained the salary survey’s final version was the result of 18 months of work gathering information from other cities for pay comparisons.
   Only council was given copies of the survey that was not made public.
   Mayor Pro Tem Jason Childers questioned Clegg about the survey’s parameters on public sectors, asking about the 3.5% salary payments “dispersed to each department.”
   Clegg replied that “every employee, every budgeted position” will get the raise and the salary raise package was given to each department director for allotment.
   Childers said the money appeared “not to be dispersed where it’s needed.”
   The allotted funds will be across the board, Clegg said.
   Clegg also remarked that she had little leeway on the 3.5% raise.
   Council’s meeting with Clegg is the first since Police Chief Robert Lister told council at an Aug. 7 budget workshop that senior police management was threatening to leave because of the pay issues.
   Childers brought that up at last week’s meeting, reiterating a point from that session that “we really compete with industry” for employees.
   Two BCPD officials, Captain Christella Rodriguez and Lieutenant Clayton Ryman, attended the meeting but did not speak.

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